Bq tab won’t charge

What are the possibilities when your Bq tab won’t charge

You just simply link your Bq tab and absolutely nothing happens? Fear not, this difficulty is relatively typical and you’ll find a few viable solutions to this concern. We will find out the top methods to ensure that your Bq tab charge again.

Check the microUSB port of the cable

Sometimes the phone fails to charge because of a trouble on the MicroUSB port. The MicroUSB is the tiny thing that you link to your Bq tab. Occasionally, after the number of connections, port deteriorates. So to see if the issue arises from there, we need to observe if the two cards noticeable on the port are well adjusted and well, if they touch the port of the mobile when you link it. If this is not the case, straighten them and attempt to charge your Bq tab.

Clean the MicoUSB port Bq tab

Sometimes the Bq tab will not charge simply because the port where you connect the cable is nasty. Just take a needle and wash the port. So now you have to retry charging your Bq tab.

Examine the charging cable

All this can as well come from the charging cable. To determine if the issue is here, simply trying to charge your phone using a different cable.

Check the battery

If all the above methods don’t work, you can check the battery of your Bq tab. With this thought, you need to remove it and notice if nothing flows. Lastly, if you have another battery, you will be able to exchange.

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