How to install Torrents Time

how to install torrents time

What is Torrents Time ?

If you want to install Torrents Time, you have to know that this thing is wonderful. Torrents Time is really nice, it is a beautiful technology that will give a second life to our beloved Popcorn Time.

Actually, the treaming technology is now a plugin that give you the power to have popcorn time inside your browser. You can now stream movies directly with Google Chrome or Firefox.

Guide to install Torrents Time

To install Torrents Time on your browser, you first have to install an executable file that you can find on the’s website. Once it’s done, you can stream movies or series.

How to catch movies to stream with Torrents time ?

Now that the plugin is installed, it is just necessary to go on the website to select the movie you would like to watch. It is finished ! You have now access to a lot of movies.