How to add a contact on Acer Liquid Z5

You just acquired your amazing Acer Liquid Z5 and you plan to use it easily. One of the primary skills to learn, phone calls and add new contacts are your top priority!

Just how to add new contact on Acer Liquid Z5

You may find out an symbol symbolizing contacts on your Acer Liquid Z5. You simply click on it and you are going to see appear new contact. Just afterwards, hit and complete the parameters as the name and contact number naturally. If you wish, you can in addition put the email address contact info if you want to communicate with your contact. It just remains to do exactly the same for all the rest of your contacts. If you intend to call them from your Acer Liquid Z5, just go to Contacts and scroll till you see the contact earlier established. This method is brief and easy. You view your contacts instantly and you will not lose more time to enter a number on the Acer Liquid Z5.

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