How to block a number on LG WineSmart

How to block a number on LG WineSmart

How-to block calls on LG WineSmart: utilizing your Settings menu

Assuming it is anyone who called you not too long ago on your LG WineSmart, go to the dialer and then touch the three-dot menu button. Then hit Select. Decide on the annoying person after which once more click the menu. Select now Add to Auto reject list. Your LG WineSmart will now instantly block the number as soon as they call all over again.

The best way to block a number on LG WineSmart: employing third-party solutions

Sometimes it is not quite easy to block calls on LG WineSmart. Blocking calls using your Settings menu just allows you to send callers straight to voicemail, however this isn’t the better option considering you probably need your voicemail. Luckily, when you are not able to block callers from your LG WineSmart, you can do it with an app. You can download specific apps such as Truecaller which allows you to block the number you choose.

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