How to block text messages on Moto Z 2

Getting unwelcome text messages is a hassle. When you no longer wish the hassle of reading unsolic-ited promotional SMS messages that you get, or text messages coming from your ex, this quick Moto Z 2 guide will be of use for your needs.

Blocking SMS messages using the Messages app on your Moto Z 2

Into the Messages application, you’ll find a function enabling you to block text messages and there-fore not any longer get them. The process is really easy: you’ll have to blacklist a contact on your Moto Z 2, and all of the SMS messages that this individual sends you will go straight inside your Spam directory. You will therefore not notice them. However, if you ever need to restore these messages, they are available in the spam directory on your Moto Z 2. This is the way to block SMS messages on your Moto Z 2:

  • Start the Messages app and then press the Menu button and choose Settings
  • Then select Spam Settings
  • When this is accomplished, you’ll be able to go to Add Numbers to Spam and add the phone number of the individual who you would like to block.

Result! You will definitely no longer receive anything from this individual on your Moto Z 2.

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