How to block text messages on Nokia Lumia 800

Getting undesirable texts is a hassle. If you no longer want the stress of reading unsolic-ited advertising SMS messages that you get, or texts coming from your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, this brief Nokia Lumia 800 article will be of use for your needs.

Blocking sms utilizing the Messages app on your Nokia Lumia 800

In the Messages application, you might get a function permitting you to block texts and there-fore no longer get them. The operation is quite straightforward: you’ll have to blacklist a contact on your Nokia Lumia 800, and all the sms that this person sends you will go directly towards your Spam folder. You will consequently not see them. Nevertheless, should you ever need to restore these messages, they are obtainable in the spam folder on your Nokia Lumia 800. This is the way to stop SMS messages on your Nokia Lumia 800:

  • Open the Messages app after which push on the Menu button and choose Settings
  • After that select Spam Settings
  • Once this is done, you’ll be able to go to Add Numbers to Spam and add the telephone number of the person who you want to block.

Result! You will no longer get anything from this person on your Nokia Lumia 800.

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