How to Change the Time on an Android tab

It’s occasionally difficult to change the time on an Android tab. Whether it’s simply because it’s hard to find, it needs to be modified in Settings or simply because the time is automatically synced to the time of your operator. This quick article will reveal you how to solve this issue.

The right way to Manually Set the Time on an Android tab

Assuming that you hope to set the time on your Android tab manually. Go to the Settings Menu. Once you will be there, select Date and Time. If you wish to set the time manually, you must deselect Automatic Date and Time. The moment you do this, the time will not any longer switch automatically. The one thing left to do is select Set Time and select the time that you wish.

Getting Your Android tab to Update the Time Automatically

To allow the time to change automatically whenever the clocks go back or when you travel abroad, it will be possible to choose an automated time setting on your Android tab. To make this happen, go to the Date and Time menu and select Automatic Date and Time. Result! Starting now on the time will be set automatically according to your Android tab’s network.

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