How to Change the Time on an Medion tab

It is often complex to change the time on an Medion tab. Whether it is because it’s complicated to find, it requires to be changed in Settings or simply because the time is mechanically synced to the time of your operator. This brief article will show you how to fix this difficulty.

How to Manually Set the Time on an Medion tab

Assuming that you want to set the time on your Medion tab yourself. Go to the Settings Menu. The moment you are there, pick Date and Time. In order to set the time manually, you need to deselect Automatic Date and Time. Once you do this, the time will no more change automatically. The one thing left to complete is pick Set Time and select the time that you wish.

Getting Your Medion tab to Update the Time Automatically

In order for the time to adjust mechanically anytime the clocks go back or when you travel abroad, it’s possible to go with an automatic time setting on your Medion tab. To do this, go to the Date and Time menu and select Automatic Date and Time. Result! Starting now on the time will be set automatically according to your Medion tab’s network.

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