How to close apps on HTC One X+

In case you feel that your LG V20 is more and more slow recently. This particular slowing of the mobile can be due to apps that stays open. So we will find out how well shut down an application on your LG V20.

Guide to shut apps on LG V20

The way to shut an application on the LG V20 is really basic. Indeed, you only hit the icon which is to the right side of the menu bar or hold down the Home button. You’ll then access to the applications page. Them, you just need to drag the application to the left to shut it.

To close the apps that are in the background

Several apps still run even if they are shut. If you want to close it, you need to go to the apps menu. For this, go to the Settings of your LG V20, then Applications . The moment you’re there, you merely find the application you need to close and hit on Force stop .

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