How to Delete Browsing History on Android tab

A guide for Deleting Browsing History and Cookies on an Android tab

Whether you want to delete your web browsing history or cookies to block annoying ads on your Android tab, this guide will reveal you how. We are going to use Google Chrome as an example, however the same procedure can be utilized with other mobile browsers.

Locating Google Chrome’s History on your Android tab

Opening history on your Android tab is very simple. You will need to open your Google Chrome browser and hit the Menu button. When you’ve complete this, pick History. Your browther’s history should appear on the screen of your Android tab.

Deleting Search History on your Android tab

Right after you discover where your web searching history is on an Android tab, all that’s left to do is delete it. To get this done you have the option of choosing what you might like to delete. You can in addition choose History or Cookies. When you have selected them, just press Delete at the bottom of the window. Your Android tab’s history is now deleted.

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