How to enable Emoji Emoticons on LG tab

The usage of emoji is helpful to display your emotions and your feelings when you create your sms or as soon as you prepare your posts on Twitter. In the case that you have an LG tab then don’t wait to feel free to utilize these pretty head that give an different paw to your sms.

How to integrate the smileys on your LG tab

Enable smileys on LG tab

Put emoji within a text Message is done with the keyboard. Very first, you need to check the Android version of your LG tab. Know that the option of smiley is automatically integrated in devices with Android 4.1 or more recent. Simply by going to the Language menu you will have an feature named iWnn EMI. Select it to experience emoji keyboard on your LG tab. Generally, latest devices already have their original emoji inside their texting app. Nevertheless you can obtain the Google keyboard.

How to use emoticon on your LG tab

I demonstrate in this article how exactly to access emoji when you write your text on LG tab. You need to press a few seconds on one of the keys below : the symbol emoji, newline or bar space. You will find several types of emoticon to allow you to make your SMS to be more demonstrative. Finally, if you find you have an earlier version of Android 4.0, actually, you should install a keyboard using the Google Store.

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