How to enter BIOS on Asus X550CA-XX760D

Simple tips to access BIOS on Asus X550CA-XX760D with the pc keyboard

To reach Bios on Asus X550CA-XX760D, the restart is required. You can find various keys to reach the Bios, following the type of the motherboard. To do this, you must maintain the required keys pushed for a couple of seconds when the laptop starts. In principle, the keys Del, F2, Esc, F1, or F10, regularly open the BIOS of your Asus X550CA-XX760D. Or else, it is still possible trying combinations such as Alt + Enter or Ctrl + Alt.

How exactly to enter BIOS with Windows

If the previous procedure doesn’t works, there’s another option. You need to go to your Asus X550CA-XX760D settings and them choose Security Update. You now just have to select a few parameters to reboot and enter BIOS.

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