How to factory reset your Samsung Z

If you plan to donate or sell your Samsung Z, and you do not desire the new purchaser discovers your pics and your data? Why do not reset the Samsung Z? You will discover just below the steps to follow to format your Samsung Z. Keep in mind, that all your records, your applications and settings will be lost after this operation.

Create a backup before reseting your Samsung Z

Consider making a backup of the files that are significant. You must thus safeguard the Media directory on your pc. It might be advisable to back-up your data and sync your applications in. If you ever aspire to still utilize them afterwards. To achieve this, go to the Settings menu and select Save my data. After that you can simply upload your files to your Google account after entering your email.

How to factory reset the Samsung Z

Now you can continue with formatting your Samsung Z with no worry to lose your files. In case you are still in the Save menu , you can click on Restore factory values. Click Reset to Factory data and validate with Clear All. Samsung Z will restart and you will notice later that he has recovered its factory setup.

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