How to put music on Essentiel b tab

The new phones, including Essentiel b tab are allowed to store and listen to tracks. In fact, you don’t need an MP3 player simply because you can play music using your Essentiel b tab. We will find out in this content how exactly to put music on your Essentiel b tab.

Technique to transfer music on Essentiel b tab

The simplest way and the one we recommend, is to transfer the music to the cellphone by linking it to your computer. Thus, you need to link your Essentiel b tab on a USB port of the laptop. Once that is complete, simply go to Computer and you must see your device in Removable Devices . You only have to open the device and pass your music in a file that you can create. Once completed, you can access songs on your Essentiel b tab.

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