How to SIM unlock Fairphone

How exactly to SIM unlock your Fairphone

If you acquired the Fairphone with a subscription, it is very likely that most SIM cards of other phone providers are blocked on the Fairphone. To use the SIM cards of other telephone providers, we need to SIM unlock your mobile. To make this happen, some ways are available.

SIM unlock Your Fairphone using the telephone company

In case you purchased the Fairphone with your subscription package, you could inquire your provider to Sim unlock your phone. This might be a service that is free. You will only need the IMEI number of your laptop before you call.

Sim unlock your Fairphone using a website

In case you bought your Fairphone used, remember that it will be possible to Sim unlock via online websites. These tools are usually paid and you must invest between 10$ and 25$ for a Sim unlock.

SIM unlock your Fairphone in a shop

Eventually, if you do not deposit to online services, it is always possible that you Sim unlock your Fairphone by going to a shop that exercise this kind of manipulation. There is a lot and you will not have difficulty finding. Do not spend more than 30$ to unlock your Fairphone.

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