How to transfer pictures from Wiko S-Kool to pc

Send images from Wiko S-Kool to PC

In case you take a photo with its Wiko S-Kool, we normally desire to send them to your PC in order to really admire them or correct them. We will learn in this guide, exactly where to transfer the photos of your Wiko S-Kool to your PC. To accomplish this we will make use of the USB cable of your Wiko S-Kool.

Tuto to transfer photos to PC

If you want to send your nice photos on the PC, we will take the USB cable that also works to charge your Wiko S-Kool. When you get the cable, you simply have to connect the Wiko S-Kool on your laptop. You now have to take the smartphone and open the top bar. then press Signed in as … and select USB storage device or media. You will then have to get on go your pc. You can just see a new removable disk on which you need to click. Whenever you are there, photos are in the DCIM file. That is it, you may now do what you like with your lovely photos.

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