How to turn off autocorrect on on Aquaris X5

Anytime you are composing a texto, it can possibly occur that your Aquaris X5 correct terms or phrases because it is in autocorrect mode. If perhaps the autocorrect mode does not fit you, here’s a short tutorial to turn off autocorrect from your Aquaris X5, in order to really compose words or phrases as you want.

Methode to turn off the autocorrect on Aquaris X5

To take off autocorrect from your Aquaris X5, you need to get to the Settings of your smartphone. When you’re there, you have to select Language and input . Now that you are well on this section, you simply click on the small symbol for adjusting your Google Keyboard . What stays now is pick Auto-correction and deselect the boxes to take off the autocorrect mode of your Aquaris X5. That is all, you can now compose textos quietly.

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