How to turn off autocorrect on on Kazam Trooper 440L

When you are composing an SMS, it can occur that our Kazam Trooper 440L full terms or phrases due to the fact it is in autocorrect mode. In case the autocorrect mode doesn’t accommodate you, here is a quick tutorial to turn off autocorrect from your Kazam Trooper 440L, so that you can compose text messages as you wish.

Methode to turn off the autocorrect on Kazam Trooper 440L

To remove autocorrect from your Kazam Trooper 440L, you must get to the Settings of your cellphone. Once you are here, you must pick Language and input . Considering that you’re on this page, you just click on the tiny symbol for setting your Google Keyboard . What remains then is choose Auto-correction and deselect the boxes to remove the autocorrect mode of your Kazam Trooper 440L. That is all, you will then compose messages peacefully.

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