How to turn off autocorrect on on Xiaomi Redmi 2

When you are composing an SMS, it can possibly occur that our Xiaomi Redmi 2 complete terms or phrases because it is in autocorrect mode. In case the autocorrect mode does not accommodate you, here is a quick tutorial to remove autocorrect from your Xiaomi Redmi 2, to be able to write words or phrases as you wish.

Tutorial to remove the autocorrect on Xiaomi Redmi 2

To take off autocorrect from your Xiaomi Redmi 2, you must get to the Settings of your smartphone. Once you are here, it is important to pick Language and input . Now that you are well on this page, you click on the small icon for setting your Google Keyboard . What remains now is choose Auto-correction and uncheck the boxes to take off the autocorrect mode of your Xiaomi Redmi 2. That is all, you will now write messages quietly.

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