How to turn on GPS on Android tab

The entrance of mobile phones has entirely transformed our way to localize ourself, whether in the work environment or in usual activities, we automatically need its Android tab. In fact, it is difficult to consider not having the Android tab particularly when comes the necessity to move or , locate. We constantly need our GPS!

Simple tips to turn on GPS on a Android tab

When you want to use this feature, it’s important to enable the location of your Android tab. It is extremely simple and you need to start with unlocked your Android tab. After that, made sliding your finger up down. The action gives the possibility to see the notification panel. Then you only click on the Location icon. You also can turn on the GPS by going to the parameter menu, clicking Data Location, you then just check the box to access my position and then turn on the GPS. In doing this the GPS of your Android tab is activated. GPS is seriously practice to know your location on a map.

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