How to turn on wifi on Lexibook tab

Your Lexibook tab is as a small PC and now you can do lots of things by using it. You are able to connect your Lexibook tab to the WIFI. Thanks to it, you can actually have the chance to have an net connection and all benefits who comes with.

How exactly to switch on wifi on your Lexibook tab

To turn on the WiFi on your Lexibook tab, you will need to go in the settings. We speak about a notched gearing which is in theory on all of the established telephones. Simply click on the WIFI block and you will have to pick the network which you wish to connect, after that insert the security password that you will have taken care of looking for before. It is purely the exact same stuff as on your computer or touchpad. When it is finished, you can then gain access to the diverse applications which work only with web. Notice however the code which can easily be really long. Actually, he must be filled without having fault and without spaces.One fault and you left to get started once again.

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