HTC One M9+ battery draining really fast

What you should do when your HTC One M9+ battery drains fast

There’s almost nothing more bland than a battery that drains fast. In case it is the case for your HTC One M9+ we can read in this content how to analyze the problem and how-to fix it.

The reasons why your HTC One M9+ battery is draining fast ?

To understand the source of the issue, it is simple to use a function that is already existing in the telephone. To find it, you must go to Settings, then Battery. You will therefore have the ability to see what functionalities or programs utilize most of battery on your HTC One M9+.

In case the problem comes from the screen

If the screen uses more than 25% of battery, it means the problem comes from the screen. In this case, the fix is really simple, just lower the the brightness level of the screen or put it in auto mode.

When the problem comes from an app

If you find that a specific application uses a large share of the battery, it means it is the reason of this quick drain. To save battery on your HTC One M9+ it’s not hard, you close the application whenever you are not using it. If you do not use this application, we recommend that you delete it.

If the drain comes from your HTC One M9+

In the event that you do not observe anything remarkable in your examination, it’s likely that the problem comes from somewhere else. It’s possible that your HTC One M9+ drains too quickly for the following causes:

  • Your charger is not working well. Without a doubt, there may be a loose connection or a trouble with the HTC One M9+ power supply charger.
  • The battery of your HTC One M9+ is dead. Thus, after a defined number of loads, battery power weaken. It happens often that some batteries erode prematurely.

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