My Samsung Galaxy S3 mini won’t turn on

What you can do when your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini won’t power on

We are able to perceive how inconvenient it is to no more be able to make use of an Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Whenever your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini does not switch on, don’t surrender as it might eventually turn back on again. You will find some techniques below for switching on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to mains power-supply

Perhaps your phone is extremely uncharged. In this situation, it is required to connect your device to a mains power supply for at least 30 minutes before intending to change it on. If you’ve got no signs of activity, test the following test.

Check to observe if it is just your screen that won’t switch on

It’s possible that the mobile phone is functioning, but there’s issues with the display. To be able to check this, press and maintain down the power button and repress it once again. Supposing your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini produces a sound, vibrates or even if a light shows up, that means there’s an issue with the screen.

Check that the battery charger cable or the charger is not faulty

In order to do this test, it’s essential to connect another device to your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini charger. If you find it charges, that means the problem isn’t coming from the phone charger.

If you continue to haven’t had any results

In the scenario where none of these techniques do the job, it’s probably that the problem is coming from the battery pack or the battery. In these cases, you can turn to the after-sales service or an independent smartphone repairer.

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