Nexus tab battery draining really fast

What you should do when your Nexus tab battery drains quickly

There’s almost not a thing more boring than a battery that drains quickly. If it’s the case for your Nexus tab we can find out in this content how exactly to determine the concern and how-to fix it.

Why your Nexus tab battery is draining fast ?

In order to discover the source of the problem, it is simple to use a function that is already existing in the cellphone. To locate it, you need to go to Settings, then Battery. You will thus be able to see what functions or apps utilize a lot of battery on your Nexus tab.

When the concern comes from the screen

In case that the screen takes over 20% of battery, that means the concern originates from the screen. In cases like this, the fix is really easy, just reduce the brightness of the screen or set it in automated mode.

When the concern comes from an app

If you discover that a specific application takes a big part of the battery, that means it is the main cause of this rapid drain. To save battery on your Nexus tab it’s simple, you close the application when you are not utilizing it. If you don’t use this application, we suggest that you delete it.

If the drain originates from your Nexus tab

If you do not see any such thing remarkable in your investigation, it’s likely that the concern comes from somewhere else. It may be possible that your Nexus tab drains too fast for the following reasons:

  • Your charger is not working well. In fact, there might be a loose connection or a trouble with the Nexus tab power supply charger.
  • The battery of your Nexus tab is dying. Thus, after a defined number of loads, battery power weaken. It happens sometimes that some batteries erode prematurely.

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