Nokia Lumia 900 black screen problem

What to do when the display screen of your Nokia Lumia 900 remains black.

It may possibly happen that the display screen of a Nokia Lumia 900 remains black. We find several explanations in this issue and we are going to see in this article what are our advises to solve it.

If it is exclusively the screen that does not light up anymore

It is not simply because the display screen of the Nokia Lumia 900 remains black that your smartphone passed away. In fact, in the case that the tiny light of the Nokia Lumia 900 is still lighting up or if your mobile vibrates, it means that the problem results from the screen. In cases like this, the problem comes generally from a false contact of the cable which is linked to the screen of the Nokia Lumia 900. To fix the screen, it will be essential to disassemble the mobile to reconnect the link. In case you don’t know how to do it by yourself, you will find lots of phone store which can easily do it.

In case nothing light up

If the display screen remains black and the Nokia Lumia 900 provides no sign of life, de facto the problem does not result from the screen. It will then be necessary to examine the battery, the battery charger or the supply block of your Nokia Lumia 900.

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