Tikeasy tab won’t charge

What are the tips when your Tikeasy tab won’t charge

You just connect your Tikeasy tab and nothing occurs? Fear not, this difficulty is relatively frequent and you’ll find a few feasible solutions to this problem. We will find out the top methods to ensure that your Tikeasy tab charge again.

Check the microUSB port of the cable

Occasionally the mobile does not charge simply because of a trouble on the MicroUSB port. The MicroUSB is the small thing that you connect to your Tikeasy tab. In some cases, after the multitude of connections, port degrades. So to see if the concern comes from there, we have to see if the 2 cards visible on the port are actually adjusted and well, if they touch the port of the cellphone when you connect it. If it is not the case, correct them and attempt to charge your Tikeasy tab.

Clean the MicoUSB port Tikeasy tab

Occasionally the Tikeasy tab will not charge simply because the port in which you connect the cable is filthy. Simply take a needle and clean the port. So now you have to retry charging your Tikeasy tab.

Examine the charging cable

All this can also come from the charging cable. To find out if the concern is here, just trying to charge your mobile with a other cable.

Check the battery

Should all the preceding methods fail to work, it is possible to examine the battery of your Tikeasy tab. Being mindful of this, you need to take it out and observe if nothing flows. Last, if you have different battery, you will have the ability to interchange.

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